#StreetFood: Mabuyu

Mabuyu  is a type of candy made from the seeds of the Baobab tree fruit. The tree is called “Mbuyu” in Swahili hence the name.  The candy has been around for generations and is common in the coastal region of Kenya.

Once the fruit is ripe, it harvested and the seeds are scooped out. The seeds can be enjoyed in the natural from in which it comes from the pod. However the popular forms of mabuyu sold across the country are the ones that are flavoured.

Mabuyu in it's natural form
Mabuyu in it’s natural form


There are various flavours of mabuyu available ranging from chilli, strawberry to vimto and blackcurrant. The traditional colour is red but nowadays you can find them in an assortment of neon green, yellow and even a dark matte purple.

This is how the final product looks like, (Photo creds courtesy of Life in Mombasa)



Mabuyu can be found almost everywhere in Kenya with major supermarkets stocking them. However, the best mabuyus are those sold on the streets and especially in Islamic or coasterian malls and shops. They are sold in packets depending on the quantity ranging from Ksh.5 to Khs.50.

For those who’d like to try making their own mabuyu, here’s a simple tutorial that i came across. Try it out and let me me know how it goes 🙂



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