Straw-nana Milkshake

It’s  a hot Sunday afternoon. You’ve just arrived back home from the usual church family service that’s supposed to end at 11:30am but often lingers way past noon. The kids are hungry and restless (you know just how cranky kids can get when they are starving). You need to fix something quick to placate their tummies as you fix lunch. This milkshake perfect for such an occasion, and most of all, you kids will smother you with love and gratitude for it (who doesn’t want that?)


You’ll need:

  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 2 Cups of fresh whole cream milk
  • Sweetener (Optional) and a teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

Chill your ingredients  at least an hour or 30 minutes prior for best results .

So there’s no method about this really. Just dump all the ingredients in your blender and whisk your way to Milkshake heaven. Pour your shake in a fancy glass, add a scoop of ice-cream if you have some and garnish with a strawberry. Your kids will be mind blown; they’ll probably think you double as a gourmet chef in your free time.



Vary the ingredient quantities depending on the number of individuals you intend to serve.

It’s really that simple, you can never go wrong with this.






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    Am definitely gonna try this one of this Sunday afternoons. Thank you for the tip


    Am definitely gonna try it out. Thank you for the tip