Nothing is as traumatizing as when someone serves a very poor version of your favourite meal and worst of all, having to pay for it. The whole experience leaves you emotionally scarred and can even make you detest the food item you once loved. Being a lover food, and one who loves to cook for that matter, I have in the course of time learnt how to make exceptional Chicken burgers. Unfortunately, every time I order a chicken burger at a restaurant, I end extremely disappointed. At some point I had vowed never to order a burger at any restaurant again. But the Foodie in me keeps wanting to try out new places; hopeful that I will stumble upon my burger” prince charming” one day. You have to kiss a couple of frogs along the way, right? Well, I found my Prince Charming sooner than I expected.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to get a pair of tickets for a burger meal at Sarova Panafric’s Flame Tree Restaurant. They were having a burger festival of some sort. I was elated more so because of the fact that my previous experiences at Panafric were all incredible. My expectations were rather high and I’m happy to say, the whole experience surpassed what I had hoped for.

We were greeted at the door by a lovely lady who then proceeded to show us to our table. We opted to sit at the terrace as it was about 3pm in the afternoon and the sun was shining brightly. If you ever want a laid back and chill spot to just talk and while your afternoon away, this is the perfect spot.



The waiter came to take our order. They have quite a selection of handmade burgers. I opted for the Barbeque Chicken Burger whereas my colleague chose the Bacon and Cheese Burger.



We were served with some very yummy freshly baked buns to accompany our drinks as we waited for our burgers to be made.




We barely even noticed the time pass, soon our burgers were served and oh my, weren’t they a spectacle! It took me quite a while before I mustered enough courage to devour the grandeur that was on my plate.



This is how they server the burgers
This is how they server the burgers

Both burgers came served with French fries and some coleslaw on the side. My burger was made of very tender chicken breast, some lettuce, cucumber, mayo and tomato sandwiched between a crisp bun. The Beef Burger was a towering succulent double beef patty with strips of bacon and with all the other burger accompaniments.



I disposed of my cutlery and proceeded to dig into my burger with bare hands (I believe the only way to enjoy a burger and derive the maximum satisfaction is by eating it with your hands) whereas my colleague chose to carve his way through with a fork and knife.

The Chicken Burger
The Chicken Burger


I bet my taste buds were somewhere dancing around in a circle thanking me for the tonguegasms that ensued. Did I mention just how generous the portions are; if you are a light feeder you might be unable to finish the double beef burger.








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