360 Degrees Pizza, Java & Planet Yogurt in One Day

When it comes to events that involve food or anything related to it, I am always 100% game. . It doesn’t matter whether we’re going hunting and gathering, fishing, climbing trees to pick guavas or roasting coffee beans  in some nondescript village somewhere deep in Maragua.  So the other day when my friend, Mark, the Digital Brand Strategist for the Java Group (yes, I have friends in high places yow *adjusts shades*) invited me for brunch, I didn’t even think twice. So this brunch was to happen at 360 Degrees Pizza at around 11:30am , but owing to the African-timing bug ingrown in some of us, it almost became a lunch affair.

Being my first time at the place, I spent the better part staring at and taking in the space, its sounds and the people that thronged it. There’s this air the 360 Degrees that I just fell in love with. I don’t know if it’s the simple but chic design, the colours, or the laid back casual element that everyone here seems to possess.

We started off with a glass of  mimosa  as we waited for our orders . I was famished and ended up opting for a pizza instead of something off the brunch menu. Usually when I am trying out new restaurants, I go with the recommendations from the waiter or friends who’ve been there before.  I was told the Memphis Chicken  offered under the Pizza Rosso (of course I had to google the difference between Pizza Rosso and Bianca as soon as I left the place. The secret lies in the crust; rossos have a thinner tastier crust topped with tomato sauce and other herbs while bianca has a bubblier crust) menu was really good so naturally, I chose it.

All the Pizzas at 360 Degrees are  handcrafted and you get to watch your pizza being made from scratch. This can be a really fun activity especially for the kids and those of us who are young at heart.

Is there anyone who eats Pizza with a fork and knife though?
Is there anyone who eats Pizza with a fork and knife though?

The mimosa had set the mood right and I was feeling all sorts of giddy by the time my pizza arrived. I am not much of a pizza person (if there’s s such a thing) , but the Memphis pizza totally won me over (sort of like finding that awesome person that you strike off with from day one and they become your favourite person). The chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese, red onion and coriander blended really  well with the slightly sweet  sauce on the base. There’s a certain element of deliciousness that comes with using fresh ingredients that I cant quite describe. I ended up hogging the  whole pizza by myself (don’t give me those judgemental eyes, I was really hungry)

Tastes even better than it looks :)
Tastes even better than it looks 🙂

I was more than happy by the time the meal was over and would have gladly called it a day. But then I remembered there was an Art exhibition at Dusit D2 so we decided to go check it out. It took us about an hour to stalk everything and there we were, plotless but not ready to go home yet.

Mark asked if I had tried out the Java at Kileleshwa. I wasn’t even aware there was a branch there *blonde momennt*. Since none of us had anything better to do and the place was literally a stone’s throw-away from Riverside drive, Mark suggested that we go grab some drinks there. It was around 3:30pm and the sun was really hot. He went with a watermelonade while I stuck with my trusted Iced lemon and Ginger (I always order this drink when I’m at Java and it has never failed me).


The Watermelonade is very picturesque. Must have been a socialite in another life :-P
The Watermelonade is very picturesque. Must have been a socialite in another life 😛


The Java here is pretty much like the other Javas in terms of décor and setting, but there’s this balcony that overlooks the Arboretum forest that makes you forget the busy city life for a while.  Birds fly by and occasionally perch on the balcony rails and perimeter walls. If you’re photography enthusiast, you’d get good bird shots. The only bad thing is the polluted Nairobi River flowing below, the view would have been a true gem were the river a bit cleaner (Nairobi City Council should really do something about this ) .


We ended the evening on a creamy note by heading out to the Planet Yogurt outlet at Sarit Center.   I find the PY (as the cool kids call it) business model really fascinating i.e. letting the customer be the king of everything;  from choosing their own yogurt flavor and toppings to deciding on the amount they want. For those who’ve never had frozen yogurt here before, the process is quite simple and straight forward. You  walk in, sanitize your hands, grab a cup, choose the flavour(s) and toppings (fresh fruits, candy, nuts etc) , have your yogurt weighed, pay for it, sit down and enjoy.  Nothing beats ending your day with a generous swirl of Fro-yo and with fresh fruits.



Fro-yo at Planet Yogurt
Fro-yo at Planet Yogurt

This  mini food safari was the most random and  fun thing I’ve done so far this year, so this is the part where is I say a big  thank you to  Mark. Muchos gracias



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