Mbaazi za Nazi

Cooking any Swahili dish requires whole load of patience. Cooking Mbaazi za Nazi is no exception.

Mbaazi za Nazi is a dish that’s  famous in Kenya’s Coastal area as a breakfast meal to accompany Mahamri or Chapati.  Making it at home isn’t as hard as it sounds; you just need to be patient.

I followed this simple recipe by All Kenyan Recipes  and my Mbaazi came out incredible.

What You Need 

Now, this is a very simple dish to make and you need not more than 3 ingredients:  2 Cups of Cooked Mbaazi; 1 Cup of Light Coconut Milk and ½ Cup of Heavy Coconut Milk; salt to taste.

To achieve the authentic taste; use freshly made coconut milk. If you can’t access coconuts or are just to lazy to make your own coconut milk (I am guilty of this); it’s fine to substitute with canned coconut milk.


On low-medium heat; simmer the cooked mbaazi with the cup of light coconut milk and salt to taste. You can add more milk if it isn’t enough. I added fresh chillies on min. I didn’t chop them up to achieve  that mild flavour.

Once all the coconut milk has evaporated; remove your mbaazi from the heat.

In a separate pan; heat the heavy coconut milk on medium heat. You need to keep stirring this continuously to avoid it sticking at the bottom of the pan. It will take you about 10 minutes to achieve a thick porridge like cream.

Now pour the cream on top  of your hot mbaazi; cover and let it sit for about 15 minutes before mixing and serving.

Your Mbaazi is now ready for the eating. Serve with Mahamri or hot Chapatis. Yum!

This meal is very filling and is perfect especially when you have a long day ahead 🙂 



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