Marita’s Bhajias

The first time I saw “Marita’s Bhajias” on  social media , I was super excited. My mind immediately conjured images of a restaurant that serves all the varietals of Bhajias you can imagine. A dream come true, right? Well, my presumptions were wrong; but not very far off.

Marita’s Bhajias is a fast-food joint conveniently located on the ground floor of Magharibi Place, off Langata road.  (The building is prominent, right opposite the parking entrance of T-Mall, you won’t haveany  trouble at all finding it).  Like with many middle and high-end fast food joints especially in Mall food courts, there is an open seating area with tables and chairs where guests can comfortably seat and enjoy their meals. There is an atrium directly above the food court which allows the place to be lit generously by a flooding of natural light.  Plastic ferns and flowers hang from planters attached to chains adding to the whole feeling of general wellness about the space.



It is on this food court that we had a lengthy chat with the restaurant owner, Mr. Chwea ( a very friendly person btw). Marita’s Bhajias is relatively new having been in business for about 5 months now.  Things have picked up very fast for the joint, you’d be forgiven for assuming that it has been in operation for years now.  Mr. Chwea, who  quit his job as an accountant to start the business , admits that it’s taken quite a lot of hard work and training to get things up and running.  It’s never as easy as one imagines it to be. “Consistency is a very vital component in the success of any business, especially a food related one. You have to reassure the client that if they order something on the menu today, say chicken, they can come back the next day and order it again, and it will taste exactly the same. To achieve that, you must invest heavily in quality control.” 

Fast-food retailers tend to have straightforward menus where a client can quickly decide what to have at a glance. This was no different at Marita’s.  They serve bhajias, ordinary fries, masala and garlic fries as accompaniments all ranging from btween Kshs. 100- 300.  For the main dish, one can order chicken or chicken wings (prepared in different styles).


Undoubtedly, the specialty accompaniment is their Bhajias which I got to sample (seeing as this was what brought me here in the first place) .The potato  Bhajias are light and airy,  the batter coating is well salted, neither too thick nor too thin and with just the right amount of Dhania. For  Kshs. 150 bob, the portion is quite filling, not to mention the fact that you get free  freshly-made tomato sauce as dip. This was delightful especially because most fast-food joints actually charge you  extra for pre-packeged tomato sauce/ ketchup  .

The Bhajia portions are quite filling
The Bhajia portions are quite filling


I sampled two types of chicken wings offered on the menu. First up were the “Special Dry Chicken Wings”. They are sweet and savoury wings served with stir-fried vegetables (bell peppers and carrots). I quite enjoyed these wings to be honest; I had not expected them to be quite as good ( yes, I know I am a sadist) , shock on my taste buds! ( Order these with your Bhajias and you will not be disappointed, trust me on this)

Special Dry Fry Chicken Wings
Special Dry Fry Chicken Wings



Next up  were the Poussin chicken wings; it was a sharp contrast from the sweet wings I started with earlier. These ones are slightly spicy and come in a deep golden shade as they are coated with Paprika. Definitely a treat for those with knack for peppery stuff.

Poussin Wings
Poussin Wings



I’d recommend this place for all the die-hard junk and fast food lovers, not only because of the good food, but because you get absolute value for your money.  The prices are quite pocket-friendly and some menu items can be tweaked to suit your needs.  If you’re a student out to have a quick bite with your buddies just before or after your afternoon class; or maybe you’ve been hit by one of those junk cravings which must be satisfied by all means; could be that you’re just too tired to cook and want take-out; then this place will suit you.  And the best part is you can order for delivery to your home or office from HelloFood

PS: Did I mention that I really liked the Sink at the corner so that you can wash your hands and dig into your food; quite stylish too. Most designers overlook the importance of having this; I’m glad the Architect of the premise (whoever he/she is) put this into consideration. Thumbs up!  








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    Totally agree with you. Maritas bhajias are truly amazing. Been there twice I can’t get enough of their bhajias