Lunch at The Vineyard

On Wednesday, my newly found buddy and die-hard coffee lover, Kelvin, headed over to the Vineyard Bar and Restaurant along Rhapta road to check out the place. This was after much praise from Kelvin about the Pizza at the joint.

We were met by the Restaurant Manager Ms. Sarah (a very charming but modest lady 🙂 whom, despite us ambushing her, took time off her busy schedule to patiently take us through the place and its menu.

Vineyard, is a very old joint; it’s been in existence for over 20 years but the management has changed over the years. The current management has been in operation for about 4 years now.  As the name suggests, it is a bar and restaurant that serves continental food heavily leaning towards the Italian side.; Pizzas and pasta dominate the menu. Aside from these, they also offer popular food items such as as burgers, fries, baked potatoes and fish fingers. Sarah tells me that they have added more dishes on the menu based on suggestions from their clients well as the chef’s new creations.



There are 4 minibars at the place with each having its own unique theme;  but the food comes from one kitchen.   A casual sitting arrangement is set up outdoors with high stools, whisky barrels and some sofas. The huge trees around give the place that aura of calmness that is ideal for relaxation.

During the day, there are few patrons and most of their orders are home or office deliveries. “ We are trying see a way of turning things around by introducing new things such as a buffet over  lunch hour to attract the people working in the offices around here.”

A glimpse of how one of the bars looks like
A glimpse of how one of the bars looks like

As we were in a rush to get back to work and class, we went with Sarah’s recommendations; the Chicken Vineyard; I insisted on the chicken burger (still on my quest for the perfect burger in Nairobi) . The Chicken vineyard is made up of  grilled marinated chicken breast which comes with any accompaniment of your choice (we went with rice), some stir-fried greens and sauce.

The breast was so tender , juicy and well done; just as a proper chicken fillet should be. The accompanying sauce crowned the entire dish; we spent to 15 minutes trying to guess its components. Very pleasant dish indeed; I highly recommend it.

Look at all this goodness :)
Look at all this goodness 🙂


The chicken burger had chicken strips as opposed to patty, which is always a plus. But it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.   Had it had proper cheese or something to moisten everything up, then it would have been a plus. I find that secret to an awesome burger all lies in a freshly-baked bun; a very underestimated component.

Don't even ask why I was having a burger with rice :-P
Don’t even ask why I was having a burger with rice 😛


With place all checked out, and tummy well-fed; it was time to leave the Vineyard. If you are looking for a place to kick back and relax while catching up with old buddies; or maybe you just want to escape the office with all its stresses after a long day ; then this the kind  of place for you.  Prices are also friendly so your pocket won’t complain.

If you’ve been to the place, share your experiences  in the comments section 🙂







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