Lemon and Ginger Iced Tea

This is for all the tea addicts out there like myself; now you can partake of this wondrous drink of the gods in the middle of the day , or at 3pm without people giving you those puzzled stares. See, non-tea lovers will never undertand why you enjoy that  cup so much. I have learnt to live with this fact;  I no longer even try to explain to the folks around me why I am obsessed with tea, they’ll never understand.

When you love something, you’ll find yourself coming up with a thousand diverse ways of enjoying it. I recently experimented on  how to make iced-tea and it turned out way better than I expected. I highly recommend this for the experimental and full-blown tea lovers.

You’ll need:

  1. Tea Bag/Tea leaves
  2. 1 Cup water
  3. Ginger piece (crushed/chopped)
  4. ½ a lemon
  5. 2 tablespoons of sugar/ honey to taste


I like to brew my tea in the traditional Kenyan way. Pour the water into a pan, add the tea leaves/ tea bag and ginger then bring to boil. Cover your tea  to enable the ginger aroma diffuse fully. Once it boils, add your sugar and stir. Sieve the tea into a jug and let it cool.

Squeeze the lemon juice into your now cool tea and chill in the refrigerator until the desired level of  chill is achieved. This depends entirely on you.

Serve your iced tea in a large glass with some sugar ice cubes, some lemon slices for garnishing and you’re good to go.




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