#StreetFood: Kashata

Ever had a food addiction so bad you begin wondering whether its possible to go to rehab for it? Well, that’s the relationship between me and kashata. I can’t go a month without binging on the devilishly sweet dessert. When the kashata cravings strike, they come in throngs accompanied by the whole godamn extended family, distant relatives and  village. Many a times, I have found myself traversing the town just to come buy kashata from a certain lady oustide Jamia mosque. This is the meth of my food addictions.

Kashata is a type of candy made from grated coconut, sugar, food colour and in some cases an egg is part of the mix (I really do not understand this part). The ingredients that go into a kashata are largely dependent on the person preparing it.  The mixture is then baked in thin layers to achieve some form of cake.  After cooling, the cake is ready for consumption.

You will find kashata being sold in thin square or rectangular cubes retailing from as low as Kshs. 1 on the streets in Mombasa. In Nairobi, you’ll find it either in Eastleigh or outside Jamia Mosque retailing from Ksh. 10 for the small pieces.

A Kashata piece bought from outside Jamia mosque in town
A Kashata piece bought from outside Jamia mosque in town


If you fancy coconut and you love some sugar, this dessert is definitely for you.

Kashata is also great for garnishing desserts because of its bright colour and its crumble nature. I used it in place of sprinkles on my icecream.

I used Kashata to garshish my icecream
I used Kashata to garshish my icecream


If you want to make your own homemade Kashata, here’s a simple recipe.



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  1. gmuchiri90@yahoo.com'

    These things are so addictive.!. Have u tried the kashata made out of milk? pure yumminess 🙂 Oh and there’s also kashata made out of groundnuts