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Ginger is one of those dynamic spices that you can sneak into any dish. It is my personal favorite, right next to garlic. And the best thing about it is the fact that you can find it virtually anywhere at an affordable price.

A piece of ginger at any grocer or “kibanda” ranges from about Kshs. 5 to Kshs. 20 at most. Most supermarkets sell it in grams, though they may at times fail to be as fresh as the market ones.

While ginger generally has a long lifespan, it tends to shrivel and dry up aftersome, hence making its flavor disappear. Here are a few tips on how to preserve ginger to enable it retain freshness for longer:

a) Refrigeration

Wash the ginger properly, towel dry, put into an airtight container or zip-bag and store in the refrigerator. The ginger will stay fresh for close to a month. Ensure the ginger is moisture free before drying to prevent rotting.

b) Freezing

Repeat the procedure for refrigeration but use zip-bags and freeze. This ensures your ginger remains fresh for a very long time. Ensure you return the ginger back to the freezer as soon as you’re done chopping a portion of it.

c) Open Air

If you don’t have a fridge, wash your ginger, part to try and store in an open container. The ginger will stay fresh for a week or two after which it will start shriveling

d) Powdering/Grinding

Homemade ground ginger is the next best thing to fresh ginger. Wash your ginger, chop into pieces and allow them to dry naturally (2 days). Once sufficiently dry, use a blender grinder or coffee mill to grind it into a fine powder. You can use a pestle and mortar to pound your ginger if you have the energy. Store your powder in airtight containers to preserve the aroma and taste.



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