I absolutely love chicken. It is no secret. Be it boiled, fried, roasted or baked; I’d still love it. I don’t discriminate. I love it in all its forms and ways. If there was ever a list of folks that were kuku about chicken then I’d gladly add my name on top of the list. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Hadassah Restaurant’s “All you can eat Chicken” offer on Friday nights from 5-11pm.   To be frank, I had never heard about the restaurant before, so the first thing I did on seeing the offer was to Google it, location and everything. On seeing the images, I was reassured. Now the next thing was to convince a couple of my friends join me in the Chicken Plot. See, in my world, chicken is sacred and it should never be enjoyed alone. It tastes way better when it’s accompanied by interesting conversation and the warmth of those you love.

Like typical Kenyans, we decided to go on a mini- fast just so that we could devour as much chicken as we could. All of us decided to have a very sketchy breakfast and to skip lunch all together. Why fill you tummy with unnecessary baggage when chicken was waiting for you?

We arrived at the restaurant located near Nairobi Hospital at about 6pm from where we were shown to the Dining Area. The ambience was quite good considering the fact that it’s a 3 star hotel. I fell in love with their décor and especially the tiny wooden trucks on every table.

The dining area is set up in such a way that there’s a combination of privy tables for 2 as well as large arrangement for larger groups of up to 10. There were very few guests present by the room begun to fill up as time went by. A live DJ was on set filling the room with old school jams. I’d have a preferred a live band but we were there for chicken, not music.

These serviette holders are creative
These serviette holders are creative


All along, wafts of roasting chicken from the grill at the back tormented our nostrils and we were famished to say the least. One of the waiters came in with steamed towels for us to clean our hands. They took our accompaniment orders and in no time at all, the lad was back with our plates. The choice of accompaniments was either Mac and Cheese or Roast Potatoes; the vegetables available were spinach or kienyeji greens with some Kachumbari.





Then came the best part; Chicken! The waiters generally walk around the tables with platters full of sizzling chicken and all you have to do is ask for the ones you want; you don’t have to stand. Your work is to eat till you burst…literally. There were 3 different types of chicken, all roasted; Lemon and Herb, Chilli and Honey Glazed Chicken. My favourite was the Honey glazed one.




We literally ate the night away and were among the last people to leave the place.

If you need Plot Mwenda on a Friday for you and your buddies, then Haddasah is the perfect place; they also have a well-stocked bar to cater for your drinks. Tickets for the All you Can Eat chicken offer are 999/= only. It’s worth every last penny. The waiters are very efficient and polite. And did I mention just how elegant their washrooms are?



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