Giligilani : Bringing Fresh Herbs to Your Doorstep

Giligilani Fresh Herbs is a Kenyan based agricultural enterprise that specializes in the growing and supplying of a variety of fresh culinary herbs for both commercial and domestic purposes.  The name ‘Giligilani’ is the Swahili word for coriander, the most commonly used herb in Kenya.

Commercial Deliveries

What inspired Giligilani?

Ms. Elsie Atieno Onyango,  the founder of Giligilani says that the idea to start  was sparked by her passion for food and cooking that incorporated the use of fresh herbs which have very rich flavors that are crucial in transforming a meal.

“Unfortunately, fresh herbs in Kenya are either very rare or difficult to find in the local market. And in the case that you find them, they are very expensive and of poor quality. The high demand for fresh herbs in the culinary industry in Kenya motivated me to meet this need by providing a consistent supply of a variety of superior quality fresh culinary herbs”

Having discovered this need, venturing into agribusiness was her obvious natural option.

The founder of Giligilani, Elsie with one of her staff at the Giligilani firm
The founder of Giligilani, Elsie with one of her staff at the Giligilani firm

“Agribusiness entrepreneurship was a new venture for me and I desperately needed training and coaching”

The opportunity to receive this training presented itself at the WECREATE KENYA Center; an entrepreneurial community for women interested in starting or expanding an existing business. “This was a huge blessing on my end” She admits.

Elsie with other graduands during the WeCreate Graduation
Elsie with other graduands during the WeCreate Graduation


What Products does Giligilani Fresh Herbs deal with?

Giligilani Fresh Herbs currently deal with the supply of coriander, chives, basil, sage , thyme and dill. The herbs are sold in bunch sizes or box sizes.

An assortment of herb bunches
An assortment of herb bunches

“We also grow and supply all varieties of fresh culinary herbs based on demand or special request from our clients”


Packages for Home Deliveries
Packages for Home Deliveries


The Giligilani Fresh Herbs  farm is located in Kitengela where they harvest and supply directly to their  clients. One has the option of visiting the firm  and buying directly or ordering for delivery within Nairobi and its environs.

The Giligilani Herb Farm
The Giligilani Herb Farm


Customers can reach Giligilani  on 0724 348 833 for the full price list  of all their commodities or to arrange farm visits.

You can also interact with them on their official social media pages as follows:

Facebook: Giligilani Fresh Herbs

Instagram: @giligilani.freshherbs




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