Fun Facts about The Eggplant

Egg plants are also referred to as Aubergines. Another common name especially in India is “Brinjals”.  In Swahili, they are called “Biringanya”, a derivative from the Brinjals.


Contrary to what most people think, Eggplants are not actually vegetables but fruits.

Eggplants are related to both the tomato and potato (surprising, huh?)

The eggplant was domesticated from the night shade and the bitter apple species (Sodom’s Apple)

The first known records of the cultivation and use of Egg plants was in Egypt.

Aubergines come in a variety of colours; white, yellow, green, red and purple. The most common however are the ones which are purple in colour.

Small Brinjals at the Ngara Fig Tree Market
Small Brinjals at the Ngara Fig Tree Market

Eggplants absorb a lot of fat and oil when being cooked hence are excellent for rich curries. If you don’t want this to happen, slice the eggplants and sprinkle some salt on them.

Due to its versatility and its ability to be used in many dishes and curries, the Brinjal is often referred to as the “kind of all vegetables” in India.




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