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 Beginning of this year, I made a resolution to get to know more about the creatives within my circles and share their work as widely as I can because good work deserves all the right attention. So i figured, since I have this food blog, why not create a small section where I can get to ask them random food related questions :). Ladies and gentlemen, meet Shadrack Landi   the brains behind The Rackster.  This guy has such an intricate way of weaving words into tales and making you get lost in his musings. You’d have to check out his blog to understand why I’m saying this;  easily one of my favourite creative bloggers around. Not to mention that he’s played a key part in my blogging journey. Shad an Economic degree and works as a Marketing Communication Specialist at Yum Kenya. Shadrack “loves his words smooth and crisp like a cold beer on a hot Sunday afternoon”. He describes himself as a Writer and Closet Romantic”. Here goes my Top 10 with Shad the Rackster 🙂



Q1. If you were to die and reincarnate as a food item, what would it be and why?

I think I’d be a banana. I don’t know exactly why, maybe because they’re sweet and many people like them and that’s kind of me. But that is a weird question. Plus I loved Despicable Me (the movie) and the minions loved bananas.

Q2. What’s the first thing you look at when you’re choosing a restaurant to eat out at? What’s that deal breaker for you?

Price. To be specific the drinks menu. It’s always a plus if they have draft beer. Sometimes I look at location too because if it’s one of those places I’d have to take a cab then it puts me off. They’d have to be really good or the person convincing me has to be really good at it (or really hot). Deal breaker is always bad service. You know those wait staff that wear bad attitude like cheap cologne? I detest them.

Q3. Say you’re feeling depressed; what’s that go-to food item that instantly makes you feel better?

I’ve never had a go-to food. I either sleep, have a cold one, tell stories or get lost in music. But maybe telling stories can count because, kula story.

Q4. People eat all sorts of weird stuff; what’s the weirdest food combination (food item) you’ve ever eaten in your entire life?

The Mambo Italia sea food pizza. It had calamari and prawns on it. It was my first time to eat either of those, weirder still, it was on a pizza as a topping. Then there was this one time I put lots of left overs into an omelette so I had an omelette with chicken strips, spinach, beef stew, rice and avocado. It tasted okay.

Q5. Do you cook? Can you confidently say you are an awesome cook?

Pshh! I am an awesome everything.

Q6. Suppose your crush is coming over for dinner. What’s that dish you are 100% sure can never fail you?

I don’t know what it’s called but I clean potatoes thoroughly then slice them up into wedges. I don’t peel them. Then I make a mixture of spices like paprika black pepper some rosemary and lots of cheddar cheese. Dip the potatoes in oil then coat them with the mixture then I bake them. Smells heavenly tastes like an orgasm. Serve that with ketchup as dipping sauce and you’re good to go!

Q7. Are you a coffee and cake or real food kinda person during dates?

Coffee until we get familiar. Real food is tasking. You are too conscious. What if I spill this sauce on my shirt? What if she asks me a question with my mouth full? What if she doesn’t finish her food and I have to act like it doesn’t bother me? What if China invades us mid meal and they kill anyone who can’t use chopsticks? See? Too much. So coffee.

Q8. It’s mid-month. You promised your best friend lunch and cant bailout. You’ve got Ksh. 500 bob on you. Where would you take him/her? What would you have?

That hot dog place around Kenya cinema. Sure win. Very affordable.

Q9. How would you describe the eating-out culture in Nairobi and Nairobian restaurant in general?

I’d say it’s a bit green. People haven’t really quite gotten the hang of it. Apart from fa(s)t food joints and greasy pizzas Nairobian’s have quite some way to go. Ask the average Nairobi girl out for dinner and she will automatically think pizza. Ask them to recommend a restaurant and you’ll be talking to yourself.

Q10. Finally, am I allowed to ask about your favourite restaurant? If someone were to go there, what’s your recommendation from the menu?

There’s so many restaurants out there that I have not tried so it’s too soon to have a favourite. But when I do I’ll let you know. Also it helps if you promise to take me there and let me order on your tab.




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