The Cake Art Affair (5th Edition)

If you happen to be a lover of food and music, there are certain events you can’t afford to miss. Saturday morning had me heading to Arboretum for the 5th Edition of the Cake-Art Affair. The event, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is a celebration of cake and creative arts. The organizers , a  bunch of young individuals,   saw the need to create a platform for young  and upcoming artists to showcase their talents and hence Cake-Art was born.

Cake Art Affair 2016
Cake Art Affair 2016

Since its inception, the festival has really grown tremendously. This edition was by far the biggest. The event saw over 15 Bakers as well as  food vendors grace the occasion (being a foodie, this was obviously very delightful news) to showcase and sell their products.    There were all types of Cakes  on offer from  plain old sponge  cakes, to cream cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies and brownies.  It was an incredible experience getting to interact with the bakers, I got to learn a couple of handy baking tips as I sampled the various cakes.

Some of the Bakers really went out of their way to come up with creative cake designs and combinations. These minion cupcakes for instance were a total win.


Oreos seemed to be on vogue as almost all the Cake Stands  had Oreo Cupcakes on offer







Oreo Cupcakes were not the only ladies in town. There were dozens and dozens of other flavours.

Mint-Choc cupcakes
Mint-Choc cupcakes


Cupcakes aside, blackforest, white forest, vanilla, red velvet and other cream cakes were in throngs.







Then there was a  chocolate mud-cake that looked so authentic. Never seen one so “muddy” and realistic



If you thought these were the only things on offer, you’re wrong. There were tarts, pretzels, brownies, cookies and plain old queencakes

I got to sample these little cuties and they tasted as awesome as they look.
I got to sample these little cuties and they tasted as awesome as they look.
This German Raspbery Cake/Tart was just the one.
This German Raspbery Cake/Tart was just the one.





By the time the performances were starting,   I had stuffed myself with so much cake i didnt even want to see any sugary pastry infront on me. Note to self, go slow on the Cake next time, lest I suffer a Cake-Arttack (see what I did there?)

The highlight of the event, well other than cake, were the performances from the various artists who brought their A-game on stage. It was a wonderful delight to watch one of my favoirite Bands, The Yellow Light Machine, perform.


If you love cake and music, be sure not to miss the next edition 🙂




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