Product Review: Fayaz Bakers Butter Choc Cookies

Growing up, Fayaz was our go-to cake shop. We had a little outlet near our school gate that had the best cookies and macarons in the world. I remember how during closing day, it was an unwritten rule for everyone to come with cake and we’d all wake up so early to line up at Fayaz. Their cream cakes were little pieces of heaven, and to think they were just Ksh.30.

Seeing the Fayaz line of pasties on the shelf as I was doing my shopping sometime lasy year was the best thing that happened to me in a while. I had that excitement of a child who had just seen their favourite cousin after a while. I almost did one of those King Julien dances right there on the Isle. It brought back all these fond memories and I had to get a couple of several packets. Never mind the fact that I totally had no intention of buying biscuits on that particular day. I hate to admit this but I was kind of scared that I’d come back the next day and not find them there, so I decided to hoard them instead.

butter choc



Enough of my reverie; this post is about Fayaz Bakery’s Butter Cookies. At first, I had that apprehension that everyone has when you reconnect with an old lover. Deep down you’re scared that they changed and might not live up to your expectations; so you’d rather avoid them and cherish the old flame. All those thoughts vanished when I sunk my teeth and took the first bite. The cookies are just as I remembered them. They still have that homely backyard bakery feel and you can feel the love with every bite. I absolutely love their packaging as well; the neon zip-lock packets are so cute IMO. If you’re a sweet tooth like myself, you must give these biscuits a try, I can bet on my last coin that you won’t be disappointed.

All Fayaz cookies retail at Ksh. 120 bob



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