Cake Plaza’s Cream Cakes

The first time I went to Cake Plaza, I was utterly impressed. That was early in 2014 when a close ally of mine invited a few of us to share some birthday cake with her. I was a little vexed at her though  for keeping  such a cosy and delightful place a secret all along. See, Cake Plaza is one of those joints that you’d easily dismiss until you finally decide to experience the heaven that is their cake; and then you’ll become hooked for life.

If you’re looking for a cool-kid, uptown and chic kind of  cake joint, then this place isn’t for you. I tend to think that its one of those joints for the conservative; I’m talking about people who still value quiet and solitude, and most of all face-to-face conversations and great company.



Cake Plaza is located in a one of those converted residential houses opposite the side entrance of Prestige Plaza (If you’re going by  matatu, pick a No.8  or 111 and alight at the Nakumatt Prestige stage, then walk along the Kibera road, you’ll see a small signpost on your left after about 50m).

The décor is minimalist; more of a backyard garden kind of feel. You’ll definitely feel at home immediately you sit down. There’s even a rocking swing at one corner. I think Simplicity is what carries the mantle when it comes to Cake Plaza.



One of the reasons why I started this blog was to unearth all the amazing, well-hidden food joints about town; this is one of them. I don’t know much about their food, I come here for their cakes and Mango juice.  So armed with my camera, I set forth on a mission to do exactly that. The staff was quite receptive and I couldn’t have felt more welcome especially since I had not made prior arrangements to visit. The Manager at the place is very helpful and should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to ask for him.


I had an enlightening chat with one of the Bakers, Mr Charles Kyalo who took time to take me through the various types of cakes they offer. This was insightful especially for those conservative restaurant eaters like myself who always go for the tried and tested items on the menu for fear of venturing into a “not so yummy” terrain.

Mr Kyalo is one of the Bakers at Cake Plaza
Mr Kyalo is one of the Bakers at Cake Plaza

Cake Plaza has over 12 Types of  Cream Cakes  (all made from fresh Whip cream or Cheese) with among the most popular being Forest Cakes (Black, White and Red), Cherry Chocolate, Ganache, Tiramisu,  Wildberry, Butter Chocolate and Mousse Cakes.  What strikes me most about their cream cakes is the perfect sugar balance, not too sweet, not too bland.  The cakes are also fluffy and light yet moist. Could one ask for any more?


Chocoalate Ganache
Chocolate Ganache


1-1-DSC_0025-001The Vanilla and White Forest Cakes are to die for.


White Forest
White Forest


The cakes are also pocket friendly ; half a kilo goes for Ksh. 1200 while  a Kg goes of Ksh.2000. There’s an offer on Fridays where you get all 1Kg cakes at half price, so dont miss out.

If you’re not in the mood for a whole cake, you can opt for a 250g slice which goes for 300bob. Aside from Cream Cakes, Cake Plaza also stocks a range of other Pastries and Breads so feel free to pass by and pick up some muffins or Croissants for breakfast.

Other than cake, the outlet also sells other pastries such as bread, cookies and buns
Other than cake, the outlet also sells other pastries such as bread, cookies and buns




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