A Taste of Iftar at Adega, Nairobi

Having grown up in the coastal region, Ramadhan was generally an exciting period for me.  (and not for the right reasons, I must say).  You see, our next door neighbour was a large Swahili family, the Mwinyi’s , who happened to be very fond of us. During Iftar, they’d send over large dishes filled with Biryani, Chicken Stew, Dates, Kaimati, viazi vya karai and all sorts of other sweet delicacies to our home. We rarely cooked dinner during the entire Ramadhan and I literally lived for this time of the year!  So you can imagine my excitement when @AdegaNairobi invited a bunch of us to sample their Iftar menu last Sunday.

Adega Nairobi, is one among the international chain of the Portuguese Adega Restaurants which offer a luxurious dining experience

For those wondering what I am talking about, Iftar is the evening meal Muslims have to end their daily fast during the month of Ramadhan.  It is often done as a community or family with people gathering to share the meal during Maghrib (around sunset).

Adega, located at the Lavington Mall, had a special Iftar offer running for the entire Ramadhan period to cater for those members of the Muslim community who were not able to make it home in time to break their fast for one reason or the other (traffic, work and what not); and of course, the adventurous foodies who enjoy trying out new cuisines.

The dinner started at around 7pm-ish, an hour later because, well, some of us (yours truly) are not exactly the best time keepers. The table was spread with freshly baked buns, rosé flavoured milk, dates and a platter of fruit for starters.

Fresh Milk Flavoured with Rosé

Traditionally, one is supposed to break their fast by eating 3 dates then drinking water. The partaking of dates is recommended as they are rich in sugar which is broken down quickly hence replenishing the body with the necessary energy to participate in prayers and to prepare it for the heavier meals.  I have always been a sucker for dates, so I shamelessly wolfed half a dozen and washed it all down with the rose milk. I was weird how the two blended so well. I had never thought of adding rose to milk.

The Iftar menu add an option of grilled chicken, pan-fried fish, steak, mutton curry (all Halaal) served with potato fries, mashed potatoes or rice as the main dishes, each going at a flat rate of Ksh. 1299/=


I had the LM grilled chicken with potato fries. It came served with creamed spinach, pureed pumpkin and a mix of steamed vegetables on the side.

The LM Grilled Chicken :)
 The LM Grilled Chicken 🙂


I belong to that 5% of the population that like chicken skin and I absolutely loved how the well-seasoned half-crispy, half moist skin melted in my mouth (I’m salivating just reminiscing about it.)  The portions were too generous (I think it was half a chicken), and if you happen to have a baby’s appetite, it would have been impossible to finish it.  I cleared mine: D Tells you just how good it was.

I got to steal forkfuls of fish from my neighbour’s plate as well and it tasted just as good as it looked.

Battered Fish served with Mashed potatoes
 Pan-fried Fish served with Mashed potatoes

Adega is definitely one of those places I’d visit over and over again; be it alone, for business or on date night just to sit by the terrace and talk for lengthy hours. The staff are very friendly and I love how well the MDF on the walls bring life into the space (it’s hard to hide the Mjengo woman in me).

Loved the walls here



Feel free to check out the menu to find out more about what Adega has to offer.


PS// Pro-tip: If you ever visit Adega, don’t leave without having their Strawberry Daquiri mocktail. You won’t regret every penny spent.

The Strawberry Daiquiri mocktail is amazing :)
The Strawberry Daiquiri mocktail was so amazing, I found myself half-way through by the time I remembered to take a pic 🙂




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