A Luxury Safari Experience at Tawi Lodge

Imagine yourself soaking away in a warm bubble bath, sipping on some chilled Sauvignon Blanc as your eyes are treated to the splendid view of Mt. Kilimanjaro…Well, this was me a couple of months back when I got the chance to visit the luxurious Tawi Lodge.  If only one could freeze time….

 View at of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the Poolside

Tawi Lodge is located within the 6000-acre Tawi Conservancy, a joint partnership between the local community and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).  The lodge consists of 13 luxury cottages whose design combines the principles of traditional African architecture with tasteful modern aesthetic. Natural construction materials such as stone, thatch and timber have been used with minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Cottages at Tawi Lodge

How to Get There

From Nairobi, the lodge can be accessed using A104 or A109 then joining C103 which branches off to the Amboseli.  Whereas the major highways are tarmacked, once you branch off from C103, there is a rough road all the way through, as such a 4X4 car is recommended especially during the rainy season.

 Route Map to Tawi Lodge from Nairobi

Facilities/  Things to Do at the Lodge

If you fancy minimal activity, you can opt to lounge by the pool as you bathe in the tranquility of nature or get a massage at the Spa; getting some reading done reading done on a safari bed outside your room deck would also be an excellent way to while time away. Alternatively, you can request the management to arrange a game drive or a guided hike for individuals or groups at an extra fee.

The Club House/ Main Restaurant Area

What I loved About Tawi Lodge 

  • The environmental sustainability practices and eco-friendly architectural design;  for instance, the water used  for bathing, showering and flushing is all recycled. Potable water for drinking and brushing teeth is provided in glass bottles for each guest. Solar power is used  in all the cottages  and bath water is heated using a traditional boiler.  It’s  incredible to see such practices especially in the hospitality industry where luxury is given preference over the environment.  Being someone who works in the construction industry and a lover of sustainability architecture, staying at Tawi Lodge was not only an educational experience but also an absolute treat!

The lounge water garden

  • I loved the garden and pond designs which left me feeling calm and grounded, not to mention that it’s absolutely beautiful!. The large windows at the common lounge ensures that you get the most out of the views, chilling here is highly recommended! The greenery is also quite therapeutic.
  View from the lounge
  • Owing to it’s location, Tawi Lodge is home to a variety of game  including giraffes, elephants, zebras, elephants among  others. We were lucky to view a bunch of animals coming to quench their thirst at the water hole near the lodge during breakfast.
A group of Zebras at the watering hole

A huge elephant with a broken tusk visited the watering hole at breakfast 

  • The hosts at Tawi Lodge were wonderful, warm and caring; they sat down with us at dinner and happily  gave us a history of  the lodge and the best times to view wildlife and game.
  • The food at Tawi is mostly organic and fresh produce is sourced locally.  Food allergies declared by guests are taken into consideration when planning meals. When confirming your reservation, you’ll need to give this information to enable the establishment make the necessary arrangements.

Booking and Rates 

Current applicable rates for Tawi Lodge and booking details can be obtained at the establishment’s website. **

My stay  at Tawi Lodge was made possible through a giveaway by @sarahnmwangi, courtesy of Tawi Lodge. Thank you for the opportunity.



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