A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Tomato

I was busy gathering my ingredients to fix a quick lunch late in the afternoon when I noticed how beautiful the tomatoes looked as the light from the kitchen window gently fell upon them. So I decided to post take a couple of pictures for the sole reason that I liked how sexy the tomatoes looked sun-kissed and all.  Just take a look 🙂

 Pretty Little Miss Tomato with her friend, Cute Miss Nyanya outchea Slaying!! :D
Pretty Little Miss Tomato with her friend, Cute Miss Nyanya outchea Slaying!! 😀

Tomatoes are one of those never lacking components in kitchens the world over. They are present in almost all cuisines because of their versatile nature. Need soup?  Grab some tomatoes, chop them up and throw them in there. How about a salad? Same thing, just grab some more tomatoes and slice em up.

Because everybody loves a good tomato, it is essential to learn how to pick the perfect tomatoes.There’s some sort of self-satisfaction that comes with slicing up sexy tomatoes; more like that vanity when you come across a perfect avocado. I hope you relate.

Nyanya Love :)
Nyanya Love 🙂

I know we are always taught never to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to tomatoes, you are allowed to be superficial. Go for tomatoes with an even complexion, a glowy-red, well rounded like the posteriors of our infamous socialites in spandex dresses. Avoid tomatoes that have any blemishes or dents on their surface at all costs (unless you are buying some for stews)

Your tomato should be fair and pretty.


When selecting your tomato at the supermarket or at your Mama Mboga’s place (grocery), take time to caress and feel the love. A good tomato should be heavy and dense. That is an indication of juicy goodness.

When your Nyanyas are all fresh, err'day :)
When your Nyanyas are all fresh, err’day 🙂

Tomatoes should have a tomaty-scent (for lack of a word to describe that ripe tomato scent). A scentless tomato is a tasteless tomato.

Finally, keep your ripe tomatoes crispy fresh in the vegetable/fruit compartment of your fridge. You can freeze tomatoes for future use if you are in a place where they are scarce (I prefer fresh tomatoes).

If you happen to get access to unripe tomatoes, place them in a tray and store in a dry place free from moisture. Your tomatoes should take at most a week to get naturally ripe. To hasten the ripening process, keep them in a warm place.



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