6 Surprising Uses of Orange Peels


Oranges are among the most common fruits the world over.  It is a popular fruit owing to its versatility. Not only are they an excellent treat when eaten whole, oranges can be juiced, pulped or converted into delicious marmalades and jams.  While focus is mainly on the orange pulp/flesh, the rind has so many surprising uses.

Orange Zest Pancakes/ Cakes: We are all used to lemon zest on our pancakes but orange zest taste just as good.  Go on, don’t be shy. Pick up an orange, wash it properly and grate that zest. You will absolutely love the taste


Orange peels  can be used to clean the Microwave. So your microwave has been having a weird smell of late and you simply do not know what to do? Well, worry not. Place orange peels in a bowl of water and microwave for about 5 minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe your microwave with a clean sponge. It will smell lovely.


Oranges can be used to deodorize chopping boards. Simply rub the orange peels on the surface of the wooden board then rinse.



Oranges can be used to clean hot water kettles.  That unsighly scum that accumulates on the bottom of the kettle shouldn’t bother you anymore. Boil orange peels in  the kettle then let it sit for a while. The grime will come right off.

Dried Orange Peels Can be Used for Fire Kindling. Lighting a jiko/ charcoal stove gives a lot of people a headache. Don’t throw away orange peels, once dried, they are an excellent fire starter. Put them on the base of the jiko before adding the charcoal then light it

dried orange peels



Orange peels are an excellent temporary relief for migraines and headaches. Take orange peels and place them in hot water, let it sit for about 10 mins. Now drink the hot water as you inhale the steamy aroma. You’ll feel much better.

orange tea




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