5 Health Benefits of Eating Guavas


Guavas are one of those fruits that no one thinks highly of in Kenya. Infact, they are easily dismissed by many grown-ups and are mostly left for small children and birds to enjoy especially in the rural areas. You will rarely find gauvas stocked in any of the fruit stores, stalls or supermarkets in the country. It is sad because, these “pauper” fruits, commonly known as Mapera , aside from being absolutely delicious, have immense  health benefits. Here are just a few according to Organic Facts:

1.Guavas are a cure for Constipation. Guavas are rich in dietary fibre since the seeds are ingested whole and hence serve as an excellent laxative. Consumption of guavas aids the body in retaining water and making healthy bowel movements. So next time things get a little hard, grab some guavas.



2. Guavas aid in preventing Scurvy. Scurvy is a disease that arises as a result of deficiency of vitamin C. Surprisingly, Guavas have higher levels of Vitamin C ( upto 5 X more) compared even to Oranges which are often thought as the richest source of vitamin C.



3. Guavas are good for your eyes. This is because they are good sources of Vitamin A which aids vision. As such, regular consumption slows down the appearance of cataracts generally improves eyesight.



4. Guavas can assist in Weight Loss. If you are on a diet, you should probably consider adding guavas in there. This is because aside from being rich in roughage, vitamins and minerals, guavas have very low digestible carbohydrates. They also make for a healthy snack since they are so filling.


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5. Guavas are recommended for people with High levels of dietary fibre regulates the absorption of sugar by the body which decreases the chances of major spikes and decreases of insulin and glucose in the blood. Regular consumption of guavas prevents the appearance of type 2 diabetes.




So next time you come across some guavas, make sure you help yourself to some, if not for the taste, then do it for the health benefits!!





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