Chicken-Brawn Omelette

“The kitchen is no place for perfection. It is a place to experiment and let loose in”

I don’t know where I heard or read these words but I live by them. There’s no right or wrong procedure to cooking (well, unless its poisonous). So the other day I had some chicken brawn left over and I wondered how they would taste in an omelette. I went right ahead and tried it out and guess what? It was really yummy.

Chicken Brawn Omelette
Chicken Brawn Omelette


If you want to try it out, here’s the recipe.

You will need:


2 Eggs

1 Medium sized onion

½ a Red/Yellow/Green Bell Pepper (Pilipili hoho), sliced/diced

2 Slices of Chicken Brawn (cubed or cut into strips)

½ an Onion, diced

Salt to taste

Cooking Oil

Seasonings of your choice


1 Whip your eggs in bowl and add a pinch of salt.

2  Heat oil in a pan, once hot, add the onions, stir fry for a few seconds ( you don’t want them cooked through)

3  Now add in the bell peppers and brawn and let them sizzle for a few seconds. Sprinkle some salt as you stir fry.

4  Pour in you whipped eggs and allow it to spread naturally (do not disturb the egg, lol). Make sure the oil is enough to avoid your omelette sticking at the bottom of the pan.

5  Once one side is cooked, flip it over. If you are not an expert at flipping omelettes with a pan, use a spatula or spoon. Let this side cook as well. Season your omelette as desired and serve. Enjoy 🙂

My Chicken Brawn Omelette was really yummy:)
My Chicken Brawn Omelette was really yummy:)



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