10 Things You Didn’t Know about Onions

1. The Egyptians considered the onion to as an object of worship. It was thought to symbolize eternity because of the circle-within a circle structure. This is why they buried their dead with some onions.

2. Onions were believed to have magical powers. Their strong smell would prompt the dead to breath in the afterlife.

3. In India, since as early as 6 BC, onions were regarded as medicine (Charaka); a diuretic, good for digestion, the heart, eyes and joints.

4. The Greeks used onions to fortify athletes for the Olympic Games. Before the competitions begun, athletes would eat pounds of onions, drink onion juice and rub onions on their bodies. I doubt anyone would pull this stunt in the modern era!



5. Romans had strong beliefs about the medicinal value of onions. They were believed to cure poor vision, induce sleep, heal mouth sores and dog bites, toothaches and dysentery. This led them to cultivate onions in gardens(remnants were found in the doomed city of Pompeii)

6. In middle-age Europe, onions were accepted as rent payment and wedding gifts (Don’t you envy them??)

7. Onions were widely believed to be a cure for hair loss and were believed to induce erections.

8. Onions are toxic to dogs, cats and guinea pigs.

9. Many communities believed that onions increased fertility in women.

10. Onion juice has been used for centuries as moth and insect repellant due to their pungent smell.



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