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Chicken-Brawn Omelette

“The kitchen is no place for perfection. It is a place to experiment and let loose in” I don’t know where I heard or read these words but I live by them. There’s no right or wrong procedure to cooking (well, unless its poisonous). So the other day I had …

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Spanish Omelette by Sywa

SPANISH OMELETTE ALA SYWA INGREDIENTS: 2-3 eggs 1 medium size white onion or 4 sticks of spring onion 1 medium size tomato 1 large clove of garlic 1 medium size red chilli 1/2 green pepper 1 bunch of coriander 2tbsp fresh milk 1 tsp of turmeric powder Oil Salt to …

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Home-Made Chicken Avocado Burger

Once you learn how to make your own burgers, you won’t ever buy any of those they sell at fast food joints. You’ll notice just how empty they taste compared to your home made ones. The recipe is so easy even the most helpless person  in the kitchen can hack it. …

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