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A Taste of Iftar at Adega, Nairobi

The LM Grilled Chicken :)

Having grown up in the coastal region, Ramadhan was generally an exciting period for me.  (and not for the right reasons, I must say).  You see, our next door neighbour was a large Swahili family, the Mwinyi’s , who happened to be very fond of us. During Iftar, they’d send …

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Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes :)

Today’s recipe is courtesy of @Susan_Mumbua. Susan is a geek ,  soon-to-be Telecommunications Engineer , who is also very passionate football matters ( She’s a MUFC fan to be precise). Probably one of the coolest chics I know from way back in high school and has been one of the most …

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Dining on Company Dime: Brew Bistro, Westlands

IMG-20160407-WA0009 (1)

 Today it’s not She Ate the City, but rather a case of “He Ate the City” …on company chumz. I bet you’re jealous NB//: All expressions and images in this post solely belong to the writer. ***** Brew Bistro recently opened up a new branch in Westlands. It is on …

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A Magical Tea Experience at Leaf & Bean, Nairobi

The smokey goodness in an even sexier glass :)

The people around me know just how much I am obsessed with black tea. I am one of those folks who cannot go a day without a cup , or  two, maybe even three on a bad day.  Being an ardent tea enthusiast; I find myself looking for new brands …

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Foodie Social: Meet Shad the Rackster :)


 Beginning of this year, I made a resolution to get to know more about the creatives within my circles and share their work as widely as I can because good work deserves all the right attention. So i figured, since I have this food blog, why not create a small section …

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Lunch at The Vineyard


On Wednesday, my newly found buddy and die-hard coffee lover, Kelvin, headed over to the Vineyard Bar and Restaurant along Rhapta road to check out the place. This was after much praise from Kelvin about the Pizza at the joint. We were met by the Restaurant Manager Ms. Sarah (a …

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Pizza-Up during the 360 Degrees Pizza Marathon

The Pizza's being put in the Clay Kiln

Nothing quite tickles a Foodies’ fancy more  than hearing “discount” and “food” on the same sentence. When I first heard about 360 Degrees Pizza Marathon I knew it was a must-attend; never mind the fact that it’s  mid-month and my bank account is out there competing with the Kalahari in …

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Truffle Shoe-String Fries @ 360 Degrees Pizza

Truffle Shoestring Fries at Pizza 360 Degrees

There are fewer joys in this world than taking the first sip of your milkshake when you’re thirsty during a really hot day. That pleasure is 10X more blissful when the milkshake is blended just right and can almost hear the distant ring of angels singing in the  background. That’s exactly …

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Coffee: The Devil’s Drink?


Being a self-proclaimed Chai-vist (tea advocate), absolute tea lover and fanatic,  I tend to have little to no  feelings at all about coffee.  I obviously couldn’t get myself to pen a paragraph or two without burning out  my brain cells and bleeding my fingers on the keyboard. So I thought, why …

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