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The Colosseum Restaurant: Bringing A Taste of Italy to the Two Rivers Mall


Food goes far beyond the basic human need of eating in order survive. It symbolizes different cultures and traditions; a people’s ways of life and heritage. Different communities around the world have their own unique dishes which they treasure with pride and even use it as an identity. The curiosity …

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360 Degrees Pizza, Java & Planet Yogurt in One Day

Is there anyone who eats Pizza with a fork and knife though?

When it comes to events that involve food or anything related to it, I am always 100% game. . It doesn’t matter whether we’re going hunting and gathering, fishing, climbing trees to pick guavas or roasting coffee beans  in some nondescript village somewhere deep in Maragua.  So the other day …

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The Fig Tree Market In Ngara

A typical fresh produce Stand at the Fig Tree Market

Have you ever gone to the supermarket to buy a specific thing, say Yogurt and came back  with totally unrelated items? Well, that was me last January. I had gone in search of street food joints in Ngara but somehow, I got derailed and ended up at the Fig Tree …

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Marita’s Bhajias

Marita's Bhajias

The first time I saw “Marita’s Bhajias” on  social media , I was super excited. My mind immediately conjured images of a restaurant that serves all the varietals of Bhajias you can imagine. A dream come true, right? Well, my presumptions were wrong; but not very far off. Marita’s Bhajias …

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Street Food: Mutura


    Every community has its own mysterious version of the Blood Sausage.  They come in all shades, shapes, sizes , colours and textures. Some are boiled; others are steamed while others are roasted or deep-fried. In Kenya, the most prevalent version of the blood sausage sold on the streets is …

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Nothing is as traumatizing as when someone serves a very poor version of your favourite meal and worst of all, having to pay for it. The whole experience leaves you emotionally scarred and can even make you detest the food item you once loved. Being a lover food, and one …

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