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Every community has its own mysterious version of the Blood Sausage.  They come in all shades, shapes, sizes , colours and textures. Some are boiled; others are steamed while others are roasted or deep-fried.

In Kenya, the most prevalent version of the blood sausage sold on the streets is one adopted from the Agikuyu community  known as “mutura”. Mutura is a popular delicacy especially among the men folk. It is indeed rare to find a woman buying mutura from the Vendors who are strategically located outside local butcheries, near bus and matatu stages.



I met with a vendor, whom we shall call Ngash for purposes of this post, who was kind enough to walk me through the process of making mutura. He is quick to point out that the mutura sold on the street is not in actual sense the real deal (he’s been selling this stuff for about 8 years now so I have no reason not to believe him) The real mutura is made from goats intestine, stuffed with steamed blood and pieces of animal’s stomach fat and pieces of meat.  The stuffed intestine is then steamed before roasting over a slow fire.  The result of this  is a tantalizing sausage dripping with fatty goodness.



So if this is not the real mutura, what is it then?  He tells me that the “mutura” people sell (including himself) is another version where they use the large intestines of a cow. The intestine which is naturally fatty is turned inside-out (like they do with clothes) after which it is grilled.    The mutura is then cut into pieces as per the customer’s preferences and served with Kachumbari. The least cut goes for as low as Kshs. 20 bob.




Like I said before, the mutura dens are mostly testosterone packed. You will find young men and elderly men surrounding the vendor while indulging in the delicacy. As the men await for their bits and pieces to be roasted, topics of interest ranging from politics to women and cars are discussed.1-DSC_0087-001




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    Love the 1st person perspective from which this’d written. I have to say though that I do often see Chic’s around the hood partaking in this favoured bite.


    Good Work Woman , you keep it up