Scenes From The Cake Festival 2017

From a small charity event that begun in 2009 with only 20 professional bakers;  The Cake Festival has grown considerably. This year’s event that took place at the KWS HQ on Saturday  attracted around  200 Bakers and thousands of Cake lovers, both young and old. Organized by Edumed Trust, the annual event seeks not only to advance the skill level of Bakers, but also to raise funds to put bright needy students through secondary school.


Being a charity gig, lots of sponsors who deal with pastry products/ingredients attend the event to also exhibit their products and to reach out to other bakers i.e. Unga Ltd.


If you have never been to Cake Festival before, this is how it all goes down.  You arrive at the venue and are issued with a disposable fork and plate. Armed with those essentials, your work will now to go round sampling cakes from all the bakers on ground.  You can a engage the bakers about techniques and other question you had regarding cake making. Most of them are usually more than enthusiastic to share their knowledge. The trick is to get there early before the crowds just so you can score the best cakes and have more time to ask questions


Once cake is on your plate; you are free to leave with it and they even had plastic wrap this year  to help you cover up and sneak some home for your S/Os

Unfortunately for me,  I got to this year’s event quite late and missed all the interesting bits i.e. the Cake Gala awards and the  live performances by various artists. Most of the stalls were already closing down by the time I arrived; such a big loss on my part. Luckily, I was able to snap a few shots before it all ended. Take a look.






Bakers usually put in alot of effort and creativity in their cake designs










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