Ribs & Jazz Wednesdays @ Sarova Panafric

The quickest way to get me to go anywhere is to promise me that there’ll be food. There’s nothing as awesome  as looking forward to that first bite of delicious goodness.  You can already guess my answer when I got invited to Ribs and Jazz Wednesdays  at @SarovaPanafric the other day.   Basically, on Wednesday nights , you get to enjoy Pork, Beef ,Goat,  Lamb or “Chicken” ribs as you get serenaded by mellow tunes from a local Jazz band. Sweet deal, right?


The official event poster 

The best part about food tasting events for me is getting to interact with other food bloggers/writers in the industry and checking out what they are upto.  I got to meet the lovely lady behind Cooking with Jaz who recently published a book  titled Breakfast with the King. I managed to peruse through the book and  the breakfast ideas are amazing yet so easy to execute. Here’s the link to her Instagram page just  incase you want to support a sister by buying a copy.


 Breakfast with the King by Jasmine Macharia- Image from the Cooking with Jaz website 

Back to the Ribs and Jazz; we got to sample a few cocktails as we waited for the rest of the guys to show up.  I’d recommend the Virgin Strawberry Mojito for the teetotallers and the Second Coming for those who enjoy their alcohol sweet.


Virgin Strawberry Mojito 



This Second Coming Cocktail made with a mix of  creamy liquor was amazing. 

I tried out the Baby Pork ribs which came served with French fries and a vegetable salad. The ribs were so tender and the tamarind sauce slathered generously on top made my taste buds go haywire.



The most interesting creation on the menu for me had to be the “Chicken Ribs”. The chicken drumettes wrapped in bacon were sinfully delicious.


Chicken Ribs served with Ugali  and some creamed pumpkin leaves .  A very Kenyan meal. 

Then, there these Beef Ribs with potato wedges which everyone marveled at how tender they were




I still can’t get over the fact that Hellen Mtawali  was casually performing as we dined! If you have ever heard her performances , then you know just how much of a treat this was.

If you are looking for a hump-day plot; there you have it! Thanks to the Sarova team for hosting and especially to Chef George! Cheers!




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