Quick Lunch @ Chicken House

Was doing a random photo shoot with my friend in town when the hunger pangs decided to strike. We wanted a place where could have a quick meal before resuming our schedule for the day. Chicken cravings had struck hard; we had two options; the tried and tested Chicken Inn or the newer lady in town; Chicken House. I keep passing by the place  on a daily but I’ve never actually gone inside. We decided to try it out.

Chicken House is located at the ground floor of Union Towers along Moi Avenue. It is a fast food joint so the menu is printed on a signboard at the counter. After choosing your desired meal, you pay for it, wait for the food to be served then proceed to find some seating space.

I really loved the lights

We ordered for Chicken, Fries and some Kachumbari. A piece of chicken goes for Ksh. 110 while small fries go for Ksh. 100 bob. For Kachumbari, Coleslaw and Salsa; you’ll have to pay an extra Ksh.50 bob.


Fries, Batter-Coated Chicken with Kachumbari


The fries and kachumbari carried the day for me.  I however didn’t like the chicken that much. There’s room for improvement. Heard that their fried rice is really good so I will definitely try out some other time.

I loved the seating area; it’s very airy ,well-lit and spacious. And the playful colours are add to the fun!

The food pics covering the walls are enough to whet your appetite


PS// I keep wondering why eateries keep installing those Press taps on the wash hand basins though; they are very unhygienic. Someone tell them to stop



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