Nairobi Burger Festival 2017: Urban Gourmet Burgers Vs Brew Bistro

Food Festivals are meant to be a delicious and fun way for restaurants to showcase their expertise and in the process,  earn newer customers and retain the loyalty of the existing ones. Sadly, some Kenyan Restaraunts seem not to understand this concept entirely. Going by the reviews from angry customers on the festivals EatOut Kenya has been organizing in partnership with local restaurants; we still have a long way to go.

Yes, this is a rant. I mean, why take part in a festival if you, as a restaurant ., do not have the capacity or interest to do so? It’s simple logic, if you can’t hack it, just don’t participate!  Comprende? Let’s stop this bad habit of tormenting innocent food lovers just because you cannot handle the heat in the kitchen (see what I did there?)

Now that we have all that behind us, we may proceed. The recently concluded Nairobi Burger Festival wasn’t such a mess for me this time around. This was partly because the first restaurant I visited left me on such a high that it cushioned the disappointment experienced in the next one.

I walked into Urban Gourmet Burgers (Village Market branch) last Thursday after work with with very little expectations ( First because, this is a popular brand and I expected it to be super crowded; secondly, it was burger fest!) Now, the good news is, for a person who had zero expectations to begin with, I was thoroughly impressed! Can’t rave enough about the service I received from the Wait Staff. Every single thing from reception, to finding a table  to taking orders was faultless. Other eateries should take notes; this is how you get people to keep coming back to your establishment (It was my first time here )

Absolutely loved how the waiter walked me through the types of burgers on offer, what was included or excluded in the deal and stuff like that. All this was done very patiently and politely. Most of the burgers on offer were beef and only two were chicken. I was told the reason for this is the fact that most people preferred beef to chicken.

For Ksh. 1200, you got 2 burgers with a salad and fries; and soft drink (water or soda). Sounds like a good deal, right?


Most chicken burgers tend to be bland; this one wasn’t. I loved how moist the breast was

The Chicken Burger was great; I enjoyed devouring the heck out of it. But even greater (as I was told), was the Texas Burger which the waiter recommended and my which my date for the night affirmed. The beef patty comes with bacon, cheese, a fried egg, lettuce, rocket leaves and caramelized onions. Give it a try next time and let me know what you thought about the Texas Burger.


The next time you’re at Urban, order for this Texas Burger. You will not be disappointed 

Now, the next place I visited (On a Sunday afternoon) was Brew Bistro ( Fortis Tower). It coincided with mother’s day, and they were giving mums a glass of champagne to go with their food orders. Guess who was a mum for the day? Yes, yours truly.


 Mothers’ Day complimentary champagne

I really had  high expectations when going to Brew. I’ve had terribly fantastic burgers at their Ngong Road branch many a times and not once was I disappointed.  I guess there’s always a first.

Chicken Waffle Burger vs The Challenger

 Chicken Waffle Vs The Challenger 

Again, there was only one chicken burger on the menu (Dear Nairobi restaurants, what did chicken burgers ever do to you?). I was on a date with @TheRackster and his humour and conversations made up for the terrible but good-looking chicken waffle. That chicken breast was so bland I felt as if I was chewing on mattress the entire time.


 Looks can be deceiving. This chicken waffle is proof. Only thing I enjoyed was the onion ring and the fries. Hated how little the fries portions were and the extra small serving of ketchup. You’d think it was a prescription *rolls eyes* 

Rackster’s burger , on the other hand, wasn’t as disappointing. You can imagine the pitiful looks I kept throwing his way as he munched away. Sigh!


The Challenger 

The prices at Brew were slightly higher. The challenger was Kshs. 1,600/=. During Burger Festival, you pay for the one  that’s more expensive if you’re ordering differently priced one. Drinks sold separately.


How was your Nairobi Burger Festival 2017  Experience?




**Images Shot using the Asus X550 phone




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