Lunch @ Kafein Bistro

One fine Saturday afternoon during the  just concluded 400 weeks of January;  the Foodies Kenya team visited Kafein Bistro, a new coffee shop and café located on Marsabit Plaza,  Ngong road. The café had not been officially launched by then but it was open for a dry run to allow patrons to get a feel of what the menu had in store. We were wet by Duncan Munene, the proprietor of the place and his partner who took their time to explain the journey that led to the birthing of the café. Duncan was inspired by the nice eateries he went to while staying abroad in the States and felt the need to bring the same experience back home, hence his drive to start the restaurant.


On the mezzanine floor where it seats, Kafein Bistro offers an airy and spacious coffee house, tastefully finished in tones of purple, cream and brown. Large canvas paintings have been hang on the wall in the same fashion as chic coffee houses in Nairobi.

As we waited for our meals to be prepared, we ordered for drinks to cool off. My partner for the day, @Rozenian opted for the Raspberry Italian Soda whereas I went with the Kafein Addiction.

Our drinks
Our drinks

The Raspberry soda is made of sparkling water, raspberry syrup on the rocks which is very refreshing on a hot day. For the coffee lovers who also happen to have a sweet tooth, the Kafein Addiction will be a delightful treat for you.

The Raspberry Italian Soda


Our meals finally came. First things first, I really loved the cutlery and crockery at Kafein Bistro. That’s a plus.

The branding is a plus

I ordered for the Chicken in Coconut Sauce that was served with Steamed Rice and Spinach. It is extremely hard to go wrong where chicken and coconut milk are involved hence I was sure that my meal would be great. The curry was thick and creamy; I absolutely enjoyed it.




@Ian describes his well-done Grilled Pepper Steak served with mashed potatoes and salad as “Fanta-steak!’’ What more could a foodie as for?



Grilled Pepper Steak
Grilled Pepper Steak


What we loved about Kafein Bistro:

  • The portions are great
  • Prices are fair (Our combined drinks were Ksh. 900, Grilled Pepper Steak was Ksh. 1000 and Chicken in Coconut sauce was Ksh. 900 bob)
  • The place is very spacious
  • Service was good
  • The large windows bring in great lighting hence you can great shots of your food
  • The purple seats  🙂
  • Very suitable for chama meetings or catching up with friends

Oh, and I loved this mini chandelier 🙂



I will definitely be going back to this place.



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