Experiencing Sarova Salt Lick

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

There are places we obsess about; those whose content we continually consume in travel magazines, blogs or photographs and mull over how it’d be if we ever got chance to experience them. One of those places for me was Sarova Salt Lick. For the longest time, I’d wanted to travel to the lodge just to marvel at its architectural brilliance and the construction thought process that went into it. But mostly, I wanted to be in close proximity to elephants!

While booking my trip, my biggest fear was the place not living up to the (very high) expectations I’d set up in my head. That was quickly dispelled the moment we approached the hotel and were greeted by the spectacular sight of the lodge on stilts, conspicuously standing against a back drop of hills and greenery.


My stay at Salt Lick was worth every single dime. The rooms were warm, beds absolutely comfy; food was great, drinks affordable and most of all; service was superb! I cannot stress enough just how efficient, helpful, warm and friendly the service staff were. It’s one thing to love a place because of the scenery; but to love it even more because of the people is an incredible feeling.

If you’re planning on travelling to Salt Lick, here’s a few tips that you might find helpful;

1. Book a comprehensive plan that covers  accommodation, meals on full board and game drives. Travel during the low season     because prices are comparatively lower. Last year, Sarova had a package that covered all the above costs including train tickets and transfers from Voi Railway Station.  This was the plan I was on and I can honestly confirm that it  was a great deal. Not to mention that I did not have to worry about any other logistic after making my booking.

2. Schedule your game drive early in the morning or in the evening at around 5 or 6pm. You’ll be able to spot more animals then. We were able to capture a pride of lions hunting for fleeting moment before they went into hiding


3. The animals love to come quench their thirst periodically and especially at dusk. Chill by the balcony at bar or the restaurant deck, prop your camera, grab a drink and wait for the magic! Watching elephants drink barely one meter away was one of the best experiences in my life. Very thrilling!!




4. When you book directly with Sarova, they allow you to use the resources of their other hotel, Sarova Taita Hills. This is a more traditional hotel with a swimming pool, spa, board games and the likes. There’s a cosy fire place and comfy couches; perfect for sharing stories and playing scrabble over some drinks with friends.



5. Make use of the hotel’s 10% discount on drinks and services for guests. I treated myself to an Aromatherapy Massage at their Tulia Spa which was fantastic.

What I loved about the place

  • The game drives in the old bumpy Land Rovers were such a thrill
  • The Sunsets were spectacular!!!
  • The architecture, the rooms, the service; everything, really!
  • Elephants; and then some more elephants!



Salt Lick was a helluva good experience for me and I’d definitely recommend it!




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