Dinner @ The Food Train by Sushi Soo

What began as a catching up for coffee after work plan,  ended up being an exploratory trip for the taste-buds as we dived, chopsticks deep, into Japanese-Korean cuisine.  Talk of random, compulsive decisions that end up being so worthwhile and fulfilling.


A mean mug of  Capuccino served at the Food Train

I must admit that the thing that first drew me to the recently opened Food Train by Sushi Soo located on the ground floor of Kenrail Towers were its multi-coloured neon lights (childish, aye??) Well, on Friday, the opportunity to check the place out finally presented itself.   Now this post will just be snapshots of my (short) experience at the place for anyone keen on trying it out.


Image courtesy of the Food Train’s Facebook Page 

So the reason why the place is called “Food Train” is because they have a conveyor-belt system on which different dishes are arranged and Diners get to pick what they like as it moves. The plates are color-coded for ease of pricing. So each color of plate has its own price. Now, we didn’t get to experience this and opted to choose off the menu instead.

As earlier mentioned, the place serves Japanese-Korean cuisine but they also have a few continental dishes such as the traditional burger and chips as well as sandwiches. There are also lots of Vegetarian options to choose from.


Menu Image courtesy of Food Train’s Facebook Page

The California rolls  seemed like a good deal so we decided to go with those. My date chose the Dynamite Futo Maki Roll (contains Prawn tempura, cucumber, avocado and spicy mayo) while I went with the Teriyaki Roll (chicken/beef teriyaki with cream cheese and vegetables).


Chicken Teriyaki roll on the left; Dynamite Futo Maki on the right. The pink stuff is minced ginger while the green is  mashed Wasabi. 


As we waited for our order to be prepared, we got served with leek and sea-weed soup and some complimentary starters.  I figure my palate isn’t yet accustomed to this because I didn’t enjoy it much. The Chicken Teriyaki roll on the other hand was fantastic! I was very sceptical at first but I ended up really loving it.


The starters featured Soup (above), some pickled cabbage, bbq pork and sea weed gelatin (below)



Things I loved about The Food Train:

  • Our Waiter was very patient and took time to explain items on the menu at length. It’s always amazing when waiters at restaurant have a good grasp of the menu. The Manager is also very hands-on.
  • We sat at the tented tables on the terrace; the waiters can draw the canvas blinds so you can have more privacy if you request them.
  • Service was good, fast and efficient.
  • Loved the plating. Everything was so photogenic
  • The prices are fair.
  • We got gifted a bottle of Korean sweet wine as a complementary.
  • The Wi-fi was working flawlessly

Things they need to work on:

  • The waiters should give a heads up of what’s contained in certain items especially where complementary stuff is concerned.

Other than that, general experience at the joint was great.





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