The Colosseum Restaurant: Bringing A Taste of Italy to the Two Rivers Mall

Food goes far beyond the basic human need of eating in order survive. It symbolizes different cultures and traditions; a people’s ways of life and heritage. Different communities around the world have their own unique dishes which they treasure with pride and even use it as an identity. The curiosity to sample food from a different culture is the reason why restaurants offering diverse cuisines emerge to fill this niche.

The  Colosseum Restaurant, recently opened its second outlet at the Two Rivers Mall in order to meet the growing demand for authentic Italian Cuisine craved by its customers.  The new restaurant, named after Rome’s most iconic landmark, really lives up to its name in terms of food and service.


“I wanted to show people what we have back at home and bits of our history,”  the proprietor of the place upon my asking of the reason behind the name and décor of the place.


 A giant sculpture of the Colosseum features prominently on one of the walls 

Last Friday night, the establishment  hosted a team of food bloggers with Eat Out Kenya for a soft launch where we got to get a taste of their  fine dining experience.

The first course featured  Salumi (both plain and spicy) , Prosciutto,  Feta cheese, Binsa crust among others


Favorite part of the evening for me was getting to taste and learn about Pinsa (nope, not Pizza).  Pinsa is a trademark owing to its unique preparation and ingredients. Pinsa dough is made from three types of flours;  wheat, soy and rice hence making it more digestible. It is important to note that Colosseum is the first restaurant to offer this Romanian delicacy here in Kenya.


Pinsa topped with Prosciutto, tomato and cheese above. On the bottom is mushroom toppings and cheese



For dessert, we had the most delicious Tiramisu, Pana Cotta and Crème brûlée.





  • Service and food at the Colosseum was fantastic in general.
  • Wide selection of wine for the wine lovers. There’s also a bar at the counter.
  • The place is located at the Riverfront. Don’t get lost.
  • Place is ideal for a cosy date night for two or even a family dinner.
  • I loved the Ceasar busts on the wall as well as the Trojan helmet used as decor.



The display at the counter bar




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