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Street Food: Maandazi Mwitu

Kenyan Street Food: Maandazi Mwitu

Work begins early in the morning at 5:30 am and resumes in the evening at about 3 or 4 pm. That’s when there is market for the Maandazi. There’s no fancy or complex equipment required. All you need is some little space to set yourself up , a table, a …

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Cake Plaza’s Cream Cakes


The first time I went to Cake Plaza, I was utterly impressed. That was early in 2014 when a close ally of mine invited a few of us to share some birthday cake with her. I was a little vexed at her though  for keeping  such a cosy and delightful …

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#StreetFood: Kashata

I used Kashata to garshish my icecream

Ever had a food addiction so bad you begin wondering whether its possible to go to rehab for it? Well, that’s the relationship between me and kashata. I can’t go a month without binging on the devilishly sweet dessert. When the kashata cravings strike, they come in throngs accompanied by …

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#StreetFood: Mabuyu


Mabuyu  is a type of candy made from the seeds of the Baobab tree fruit. The tree is called “Mbuyu” in Swahili hence the name.  The candy has been around for generations and is common in the coastal region of Kenya. Once the fruit is ripe, it harvested and the …

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#StreetFood: Achari


Achari is a popular Coasterian candy, dessert or snack. It is often sold on the streets (come to think of it, I’ve never come across it on any of the popular supermarkets) in sachets ranging from as low as KShs. 20. The candy is basically made from dried mango strips …

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I absolutely love chicken. It is no secret. Be it boiled, fried, roasted or baked; I’d still love it. I don’t discriminate. I love it in all its forms and ways. If there was ever a list of folks that were kuku about chicken then I’d gladly add my name …

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Nothing is as traumatizing as when someone serves a very poor version of your favourite meal and worst of all, having to pay for it. The whole experience leaves you emotionally scarred and can even make you detest the food item you once loved. Being a lover food, and one …

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Product Review: Fayaz Bakers Butter Choc Cookies


Growing up, Fayaz was our go-to cake shop. We had a little outlet near our school gate that had the best cookies and macarons in the world. I remember how during closing day, it was an unwritten rule for everyone to come with cake and we’d all wake up so …

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It’s 6pm. You’ve had a really long day at work and all you want to do is rush home, take a bath and jump into bed. But you can’t do that just yet. You’ve got a meeting to short meeting with your team first. So you all decide on the …

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