She Ate The City

Uber Eats is Now in Nairobi !


Uber’s food ordering and delivery platform, Uber Eats , is now in Nairobi! The official launch, which took place on 29th May 2018, has seen Nairobi become the fourth city in Africa (after Johannesburg, Durban and Capetown) where the platform is operating. The Uber Eats app, is available for both iOS and …

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Dinner @ The Food Train by Sushi Soo


What began as a catching up for coffee after work plan,  ended up being an exploratory trip for the taste-buds as we dived, chopsticks deep, into Japanese-Korean cuisine.  Talk of random, compulsive decisions that end up being so worthwhile and fulfilling. A mean mug of  Capuccino served at the Food Train …

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Scenes From The Cake Festival 2017


From a small charity event that begun in 2009 with only 20 professional bakers;  The Cake Festival has grown considerably. This year’s event that took place at the KWS HQ on Saturday  attracted around  200 Bakers and thousands of Cake lovers, both young and old. Organized by Edumed Trust, the …

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The Colosseum Restaurant: Bringing A Taste of Italy to the Two Rivers Mall


Food goes far beyond the basic human need of eating in order survive. It symbolizes different cultures and traditions; a people’s ways of life and heritage. Different communities around the world have their own unique dishes which they treasure with pride and even use it as an identity. The curiosity …

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Ribs & Jazz Wednesdays @ Sarova Panafric


The quickest way to get me to go anywhere is to promise me that there’ll be food. There’s nothing as awesome  as looking forward to that first bite of delicious goodness.  You can already guess my answer when I got invited to Ribs and Jazz Wednesdays  at @SarovaPanafric the other day.   …

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Nairobi Burger Festival 2017: Urban Gourmet Burgers Vs Brew Bistro


Food Festivals are meant to be a delicious and fun way for restaurants to showcase their expertise and in the process,  earn newer customers and retain the loyalty of the existing ones. Sadly, some Kenyan Restaraunts seem not to understand this concept entirely. Going by the reviews from angry customers …

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10 Must-Try Street Foods in Lamu Town


Skyward Express gave me the chance to explore Lamu Island some time beginning of this month. Top on my priority list was learning as much as I could about the authentic and common foods enjoyed in the historic town;  and what better way to do this other than sampling the street …

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Breakfast Buffet @ The Nairobi Safari Club

I had an omelette with Roast paprika potatoes, corn pancakes and stir fried garden vegetables

      When I received an email from Nairobi Safari Club’s Guest Relations Officer asking whether we’d like to review their breakfast buffet, I was  excited.  For some weird reason,  I had always assumed the premise was a ‘Members only club’ sort of establishment and had never once bothered to …

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Lunch @ Kafein Bistro


One fine Saturday afternoon during the  just concluded 400 weeks of January;  the Foodies Kenya team visited Kafein Bistro, a new coffee shop and café located on Marsabit Plaza,  Ngong road. The café had not been officially launched by then but it was open for a dry run to allow …

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Delicious Bread @ Naivas Supermarket in Westlands

20160720-DSC_0002 (1)

 The pastry section at the Naivas Supermarket in Westlands is pretty dope. Compared to their other branches, this is by far the best. I keep finding different types of pastries every time I visit. This one time I had uber bread cravings and asked the baker to recommend something; preferably …

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