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Chicken-Brawn Omelette

Chicken Brawn Omelette

“The kitchen is no place for perfection. It is a place to experiment and let loose in” I don’t know where I heard or read these words but I live by them. There’s no right or wrong procedure to cooking (well, unless its poisonous). So the other day I had …

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How to Make Potato Pancakes

This is how my potato pancakes turned out

So I got this recipe from Food Wishes, one among the gazillion cooking channels I follow on Youtube.  For anyone interested in learning how to cook, I’d highly recommend it.   Most people dread trying out new recipes because they are intimidated by the complicated procedures and ingredients that most …

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How to Make Sweet Corn Salsa

Corn Salsa as a side to Rice with Veggie Stew

I usually love experimenting with food, so whenever I do my grocery shopping,  I try to whip up something new.  I once saw Hilah make Corn Salsa so I figured, why not try the recipe. The results were absolutely scrumptious. You’ll need: 2 Ears of Sweet Corn ( the small …

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Fun Facts about The Eggplant


Egg plants are also referred to as Aubergines. Another common name especially in India is “Brinjals”.  In Swahili, they are called “Biringanya”, a derivative from the Brinjals. Contrary to what most people think, Eggplants are not actually vegetables but fruits. Eggplants are related to both the tomato and potato (surprising, …

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Know Your Rice


  Most people have never really understood the various types of rice available and get very confused when purchasing it at the store.  There are various types of rice and each has a different and unique taste depending on how it’s cooked.  As such, there are types which are more …

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Spanish Omelette by Sywa

Spanish Omelette

SPANISH OMELETTE ALA SYWA INGREDIENTS: 2-3 eggs 1 medium size white onion or 4 sticks of spring onion 1 medium size tomato 1 large clove of garlic 1 medium size red chilli 1/2 green pepper 1 bunch of coriander 2tbsp fresh milk 1 tsp of turmeric powder Oil Salt to …

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Home-Made Chicken Avocado Burger

Burger 1

Once you learn how to make your own burgers, you won’t ever buy any of those they sell at fast food joints. You’ll notice just how empty they taste compared to your home made ones. The recipe is so easy even the most helpless person  in the kitchen can hack it. …

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Garlic Pan-Roasted Potatoes


So you love fries so much but you just can’t stand the oil.  Or maybe you’re too tired to actually prepare them at home (considering the recent rumours about transformer oil and what not, you’re a bit scared about buying them from your Chips Mwitu guy). Further still, who has …

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How to Select The Best Tangerines


Tangerines also known as Mandarins are a member of the citrus fruit family. They are characterized by an easy to peel skin and have a sweet aroma. There are several varietals of Tangerines, with the skin colour of ripe ones ranging from greenish-yellow to a stark orange.  Grafted Tangerines are …

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6 Surprising Uses of Orange Peels


Oranges are among the most common fruits the world over.  It is a popular fruit owing to its versatility. Not only are they an excellent treat when eaten whole, oranges can be juiced, pulped or converted into delicious marmalades and jams.  While focus is mainly on the orange pulp/flesh, the …

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