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Skillet-Roast Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast


Whenever you give a Kenyan some Sweet Potatoes (Viazi Tamu, Ngwaci, Rabuon, Robuon); 90% of the time, they’ll go right ahead and boil them for the next day’s breakfast. While this is healthy; it gets boring; and nothing sucks more than having the same imaginative meal over and over again. …

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Mbaazi za Nazi


Cooking any Swahili dish requires whole load of patience. Cooking Mbaazi za Nazi is no exception. Mbaazi za Nazi is a dish that’s  famous in Kenya’s Coastal area as a breakfast meal to accompany Mahamri or Chapati.  Making it at home isn’t as hard as it sounds; you just need to …

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How to Make Mahamri


One Saturday morning recently, the Mahamri cravings really struck me and I decided  to try my hand in making them. I had no other plans and my day was free, why not? I found this perfect recipe by  Somali Kitchen and it’s the one I used. You can also check …

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When Life Gives You Soggy Apples; Make Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce

The only thing more annoying than accidentally stepping on a wet surface with your socks on is biting into an apple only to find out that it’s one of those soft, soggy ones. The betrayal is just too much. I mean, apples are supposed to be crispy and crunchy…WYD??? So, …

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Easy Banana Pancakes


Ever had so many bananas in your kitchen and you’re wondering what to do with the black, overripe ones? Don’t throw them away. Here’s a quick and super easy recipe you can try out. You’ll need: 3 Ripe bananas 1 Cup Self raising flour (Make your own using 1 cup …

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A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Tomato

Pretty Little Miss  Tomato with her friend,   Cute Miss Nyanya outchea Slaying!!  :D

I was busy gathering my ingredients to fix a quick lunch late in the afternoon when I noticed how beautiful the tomatoes looked as the light from the kitchen window gently fell upon them. So I decided to post take a couple of pictures for the sole reason that I …

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Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes :)

Today’s recipe is courtesy of @Susan_Mumbua. Susan is a geek ,  soon-to-be Telecommunications Engineer , who is also very passionate football matters ( She’s a MUFC fan to be precise). Probably one of the coolest chics I know from way back in high school and has been one of the most …

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Matoke Chips for Breakfast


I think I have addiction problems. The past 2 weeks, I have been eating “Matoke” aka Plantain aka “green bananas” on a daily. And by daily, I mean, breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday to Sunday. Crazy, right?  It’s not healthy habit by all means. I should probably see a shrink or …

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Coffee: The Devil’s Drink?


Being a self-proclaimed Chai-vist (tea advocate), absolute tea lover and fanatic,  I tend to have little to no  feelings at all about coffee.  I obviously couldn’t get myself to pen a paragraph or two without burning out  my brain cells and bleeding my fingers on the keyboard. So I thought, why …

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Turmeric and Ginger Veggie Fried Rice


This is one of those recipes you randomly throw-down and by sheer luck, turns out amazing.  White rice can be really boring at times and if you are a rice lover, this is an incredible way to spice things up.   You’ll need: 1 Cup of Basmati/Biryani/Any long grain rice …

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