If food were a person, I'd be happily married with 6 kids by now. Nothing excites me more than the experience of sampling food and trying out new recipes. A Foodie, Hobby Photographer and graduate Quantity Surveyor all rolled into one

Getting Caffeinated @ Pointzero Coffee


Before I proceed with this, I should probably put a huge disclaimer. I am not much of a coffee. But  @NairobiCaffeine has been trying to woo me into loving it by  tagging me along on his Caffeine Adventures.  Having heard and read so much about this café, I finally decided to …

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Taking Stock: The Journey of a Food Blog

Love Life! Keep feeding!

I just realized that it’s been a year since I started this Site (does buying the domain count?). Feeling a bit sentimental and all so I’ve decided to post my blogging journey thus far. The Concept   The idea was born after watching and re-watching too many Antony Bourdain No …

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A Taste of Iftar at Adega, Nairobi

The LM Grilled Chicken :)

Having grown up in the coastal region, Ramadhan was generally an exciting period for me.  (and not for the right reasons, I must say).  You see, our next door neighbour was a large Swahili family, the Mwinyi’s , who happened to be very fond of us. During Iftar, they’d send …

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A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Tomato

Pretty Little Miss  Tomato with her friend,   Cute Miss Nyanya outchea Slaying!!  :D

I was busy gathering my ingredients to fix a quick lunch late in the afternoon when I noticed how beautiful the tomatoes looked as the light from the kitchen window gently fell upon them. So I decided to post take a couple of pictures for the sole reason that I …

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Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes :)

Today’s recipe is courtesy of @Susan_Mumbua. Susan is a geek ,  soon-to-be Telecommunications Engineer , who is also very passionate football matters ( She’s a MUFC fan to be precise). Probably one of the coolest chics I know from way back in high school and has been one of the most …

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Matoke Chips for Breakfast


I think I have addiction problems. The past 2 weeks, I have been eating “Matoke” aka Plantain aka “green bananas” on a daily. And by daily, I mean, breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday to Sunday. Crazy, right?  It’s not healthy habit by all means. I should probably see a shrink or …

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Dining on Company Dime: Brew Bistro, Westlands

IMG-20160407-WA0009 (1)

 Today it’s not She Ate the City, but rather a case of “He Ate the City” …on company chumz. I bet you’re jealous NB//: All expressions and images in this post solely belong to the writer. ***** Brew Bistro recently opened up a new branch in Westlands. It is on …

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A Magical Tea Experience at Leaf & Bean, Nairobi

The smokey goodness in an even sexier glass :)

The people around me know just how much I am obsessed with black tea. I am one of those folks who cannot go a day without a cup , or  two, maybe even three on a bad day.  Being an ardent tea enthusiast; I find myself looking for new brands …

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Scenes From The Chapati Forum


Last Saturday (18th) , I joined other volunteers at the Chapati Forum that went down at the Moi Avenue Primary School. The Chapati Forum is a charity initiative organized by some youths to feed street families. With living on the streets, most of these families  do not get a chance to …

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