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View from of the porte-cochère and garden near the main entrance from one of the rooms


When I received an email from Nairobi Safari Club’s Guest Relations Officer asking whether we’d like to review their breakfast buffet, I was  excited.  For some weird reason,  I had always assumed the premise was a ‘Members only club’ sort of establishment and had never once bothered to check it out. It was therefore a  shocker getting to learn that the hotel opened its doors to the public way back in 2001. Turns out, I am not the only person who held this misconception as a lot of people are not aware of this fact. Well, now you know!

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”The  Nairobi Safari Club is No longer a Members Only Club”


We arrived for the review on a Sunday morning with my partner in crime for the day, @felixielaurens  in tow, at around half past eight.  The dining area,  located on the ground floor,  is very calm and allows for just the right amount of privacy to enable intimate conversations or early morning meetings with clients. Being a Sunday, we pretty much had the entire place  to ourselves with an exception of a few tables (Introvert heaven, aye?)

A glimpse of the seating area
A glimpse of the seating area


Now, the breakfast buffet spread runs from 6:30am to 10:00am so you have to observe punctuality (Yes, this is directed to those folks who have a habit of turning breakfast dates into brunch because of African-timing :) )There is quite a variety to choose from and you’d definitely be spoilt for choice.


A variety of roasted, boiled, broiled, grilled and baked wholesome foods for those who love hearty and filling food for breakfast
A variety of roasted, boiled, broiled, grilled and baked wholesome foods for those who love hearty and filling food for breakfast


You get to sample various type of bread, fruits, juice, cereal, bacon, sausages, roast Irish and sweet potatoes, arrow roots, baked beans, lentils and pretty much everything you can expect on a breakfast menu both locally and globally at a cost of Ksh. *2,850 per person. As is the norm in a buffet, everything is self service but the wait staff will bring you hot beverages to your table and clear away the crockery swiftly once you are done with them.

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The Pastry section filled with bread, buns, donuts and cakes


There were lots of tropical fruits for the health watchers; both fresh and preserved

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Cereal lovers have not been excluded as their needs are also catered for.

Cereal lovers


I wasn’t quite hungry so I had the Chef at the egg station whip for me an omelette. You can choose whatever veggies you want on your eggs and also how you’d like them to be done.

I had an omelette with Roast paprika potatoes, corn pancakes and stir fried garden vegetables
I had an Omelette paired with  Roast paprika potatoes, corn pancakes and stir fried garden vegetables. The omelette was fantastic and I absolutely loved the sweet corn pancakes. Give it a try when you visit. 


My breakie was washed down with a plateful of assorted fruits and mango juice :)

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  • It is advisable to make reservations for your breakfast in advance to avoid missing a table but walk-ins are also acceptable.
  • There are couple tables or group tables to cater for everyone.
  • The staff are very helpful and kind. Do not hesitate to ask questions when you are uncertain about something.
  • If you are vegetarian, you will not be disadvantaged as your needs will be catered for. I loved this fact about the buffet.



I really enjoyed dining and getting to sort have a short expedition around the Nairobi Safari Club particularly because of its colonial style architecture which I find fascinating. In addition to the restaurant, coffee shop, bar,  accommodation and conferencing facilities ; the place also has a boutique, salon, barber shop, spa and gym which are open for use by both members and non-members at different rates.



All photos are by @Felixielaurens 



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